Outlawing Party Hunting Should Be Banned Essay

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Outlawing Party Hunting What if party hunting in Minnesota became illegal? Some hunters would be glad to have party hunting illegal. Many hunters want to have more deer and less hunters in the woods. Still others want to hunt in big parties and shoot all the deer. There is always an argument on banning party hunting in Minnesota. Because so many people who hunt in parties purchase a tag for non-hunters and just use it as an excuse to shoot more deer, party hunting should be eliminated. If Minnesota outlawed party hunting we would have twice the number of deer than what we have now. Outlawing party hunting would have a positive impact on the numbers of deer that would last a few years. For example, Minnesota 's deer numbers have dropped dramatically in the past years because of the party hunters and a small percentage of hunters who hunt by themselves. This shows that if we outlawed party hunting it would help the deer gain in population. In northern Minnesota there was a dramatic lose of deer during rifle season. "Minnesota hunters registered 102,000 deer through the second weekend of firearm deer season" (Dickson). This shows that the numbers are declining in just the second weekend of hunting. These are ways of helping Minnesota increase our deer and stopping party hunting. Party hunting needs to be outlawed because of the damage of habitat when the hunters ram through the country side. Party hunters ruin the habitat for deer and all the other animals. For example,…

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