Outcome : Adult Education Program Processes Essay

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Outcome: Adult Education Program Processes
Why the Artifact was Selected This artifact was a paper written to address a real-life training need for the training and development (T&D) project in the course Coordination of Staff Development and Training Programs. The T&D project considered issues of need, learner competencies, required proficiency levels, methods, procedures, and evaluations. I selected this artifact because it studies T&D, a common occurrence in organizations, through the application of strategies to develop training. Alignment of the Artifact to the Learning Outcome This artifact gave me the opportunity to apply T&D strategies to a real-life training need situation. I professionally facilitated and participated in the implementation of the T&D computer software training program for my dental practice utilizing some outsourced training materials from the Patterson Dental Company (PDC). Knowledge of T&D methods, trends, and perspectives is not sufficient. As a practitioner, it is important to identify through a needs assessment what training task is needed and what T&D the organization and learners/employees are in need of to complete the task or desired change. A trainer must apply the correct training methods to the situation and learners and complete formative and summative evaluations of the outcomes. This artifact helped me to understand the importance of determining the correct need for T&D and utilize learning objectives that meet the needs of the…

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