outcome 3,4,5 assessment Essay

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F0N0 35

Professional Issues in
Outcome 3,4,5

Team Name Computing Networking
Sector Name Business, Computing and Land

Professional Issues in Computing (F0N0 35)

Assessment Instructions

The assessment is a supervised open book assessment based on a case study. 

You must write a report of approximately 2,000 words that covers the requirements of Outcome 3, 4 and 5.

The report should be word processed and presented in an appropriate format for a professional report.

All sources used should be referenced correctly in a bibliography.

A word count should be displayed on the front page of the report.

Ensure that your name and class
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The only link with this system at the Service

Professional Issues in Computing (F0N0 35)

Centres is that, when a customer telephones to request a service or repair, an
Internet enquiry-based system is used to query a database at the Central
Warehouse to check that the customer exists on record and has a current contract. This area of the Central Warehouse is effectively a Call Centre and staff have access to outside telephone lines and Internet connectivity.
The Managing Director, Neil Campbell, is concerned about this unrestricted access to telecommunications systems and personal use of the organization’s email and wanted Jennifer to look at ways of ‘keeping an eye on what is going on’ including monitoring telephone calls. Recently there was a problem with a member of staff downloading music and another accessing pornographic websites. Jennifer asked Graham Dudd, IT Services Engineer, if he could provide her with a list of the web sites visited by these members of staff and to check up on their e-mails and other Internet activity such as visiting chat rooms, together with times of access.
The staff that work in this Call Centre area have a high rate of absenteeism and complain about the conditions in which they work. The area has poor ventilation leading to a stuffy atmosphere and is fitted out with mainly poor quality second hand office furniture. It is a conversion of an old stockroom at the top of a metal spiral staircase

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