Essay on Out Of Sorts : Adoption And ( Un ) Desirable Children

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In “Out of Sorts: Adoption and (Un) Desirable Children” by Katherin M. Flower Kim, Kim presents how racism influences and affects the decisions within the adoption process among white parents in the United States. In the recent years, adoption has become increasingly popular among those who would like to start a family with children and either are unable to do so themselves or would like add a child in need of a family. Issues arise when certain races of children become more desirable than others and children as well as parents are placed on waiting lists. Kim interviewed a group of 43 mothers along with 30 of their husbands, who all but one identified as white, had adopted children from Korea between the 1980’s and 1990’s. She used the data collected from these parents to study the different factors that parents took into consideration when adopting a child and found that while the parents may not realize it, race played the largest role in their decision on which child they chose to adopt.
“More specifically, I use parents’ descriptions of assembling their families to explore and highlight how they came to explain the desirability of children from Korea and the undesirability of African American children” (Kim 2007:372). Kim states that to understand how these preferences for white or “white-looking” children over African American children, we must first understand that the majority of parents who adopt using formal, legal adoptions are white and are typically…

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