Our Wasteful Habits That Harm The Environment Essay

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Our Wasteful Habits
We all need to take initiative in improving our environment by making small changes on our daily lives. Various natural resources are being destroyed daily, so that we can have a good life, but what people don’t acknowledge is that this waste will eventually damage the environment more than it is doing now. Therefore, we must make a difference by changing our wasteful habits before it is too late. Each individual is responsible for throwing away waste, such as cans, plastic bottles, electronics, and paper bags among others; therefore, we must make changes in our daily lives before the waste turns our environment into a disaster. In “Waste Not, Want Not”, Bill McKibben argues that we can make a difference by changing our wasteful habits to simpler ones, and he is right because by making a little bit of effort we might be able to improve the society in which we live in.
Every individual is responsible for wasteful habits that harm the environment. McKibben states that, “80 million of [plastic bottles] get tossed every day” (McKibben 468-69). The amount of waste those plastic bottles produce is damaging our environment tremendously. The plastic bottles contain different chemicals that can affect the health of many people among other living things. Waste is not just trash; it has become a danger to the health of humanity, living things, and the environment. In the article “What’s the Problem with Plastic Bottles?” Zion Lights asserts that “The U.S. is the…

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