Our Sun : A Visit Essay examples

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Our Sun: A Trip to the Planetarium On September 19, 2015 I arrived at the Thomas Planetarium of the Anchorage Museum. The place was almost empty, it was just me, another female student who I found was there for the same class assignment as me and the woman who was responsible for managing the projector and answering our questions. The name of the presentation was “Sunstruck” and it was meant to educate the public on the power of the sun. I had been at that planetarium before, but I decided to go for this assignment because I have always been curious about the sun, astronomy and places that are not too demanding of social skills. I was also encouraged because in elementary school my first big research project was on the sun, and somehow I still remember that the sun is everything, but simple. One could think of the sun as something magical, a fire that keeps us alive and makes us happy by how it makes a day seem and feel beautiful. But there is nothing especial about the sun when we compare it to all the other stars in the universe; it is just a star that happens to support life on Earth. We need the heat and rays of the sun to stay alive and warm. Without it we would freeze to death and plants would not be able to make their own food. In a way the sun is part of the energy cycle and we need it to keep moving. The sun seems to be benevolent, but it can be maleficent. Millions of years from now the sun will grow into a red giant that will swallow Earth and the nearby…

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