Our Students Are Our Future Essay

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Our students are our future.
They are what our nation will eventually turn into, and what our world will come to depend on. It is our job to successfully teach them and equip them with the skills they need to live successful lives and teach their future generations. Currently we are not completely fulfilling our responsibility. Many of us only see the problem in our teachers, but it 's not totally their fault. Our whole system is corrupt, from the standardized tests to the curriculum. The system simply does not work for everyone.
So let 's assume that our teachers are just glorified day care workers with extra education. They watch our kids, keep them safe and out of trouble, and to top it all off, they actually teach them things instead of throwing them in front of a T.V or game console. What if we payed teachers three dollars an hour for the hours they are actually watching the children. Assuming there are around thirty kids in each class, annually that would equal over one hundred thousand dollars. But wait, let 's give the teachers with master 's degrees and special EDs training minimum wage. That’s eight dollars per child, so annually their wage would come up to a little under three hundred thousand dollars. In reality, where everything is less exciting and not as amazing; our teachers make an average of fifty thousand dollars annually. We get what we pay for, and we’re not investing much in our future.
In our nation, New York has the highest average salary for…

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