Our Society : Science Fiction Essay

1170 Words Jan 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Our society shows science fiction has represented many different ideas and new explorations in our society today. For example, many stories or movies of science fiction can show data and other meanings that we can grow and begin to understand and change the author’s story into a reality. Also showing the how humans live to improve and create new inventions to help the world advance. Shows what the real definition of human not the dictionaries definition. The movie “Irobot” explains the new invention towards human life and how robots can benefit our society and help us but when the time is needed they need to be destroyed. Sunny the robot which was created to help the detective solve the case of the suicide of the man who created Sunny. Throughout the film the detective believed Sunny was the one who killed his creator but, in reality Sunny showed that he was good robot at heart. “Interstellar” a movie about space travel and trying to find planets that have a possibility of containing human life. They needed to find a new place to live because Earth was not able to have human life anymore. Maybe Earth will reach this point, Climate Change is a huge issue and the many effects of climate change are due to humans for example, pollution. Everyday we are burning fossil fuels. In fact, the temperatures are rising so much causing ice to melt in the north. Maybe Earth will reach a point where life cannot live on this planet anymore due to climate change. Even though…

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