Our Secrets Essay

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Identification by definition is the state of being identified, which means the characteristics and feature that set you aside from everyone else. Question is: What makes an identity? Is it the heritage of our parents? The people we interact with? Or how about the decisions we make on a daily basis? Each of these are components to our identities in different manners though they each have different levels of impact upon us. Depending on the person, everyone has different opinions as to how important their identity is. Some may say that their past identity is not of importance to them because they relate to who they have become throughout time and others tend to place importance of where they come from. In his book, In the Name of …show more content…
McBride recollects, "When I was a boy, I used to wonder where my mother came from…when I asked her where she was from, she would say, "God made me," and change the subject (McBride, 21)." His mother refused to recollect her past to her children until she thought it was the right time; which turned out to be years later. Because of his mother's denial of expressing to her children any information, McBride turned to different aspects of society to comfort him, be it the civil rights movement, getting involved in drug usage or the music preference at the time. Though McBride and his siblings each went through their own troubled times, his mother's value of education eventually rubbed off on all of them. In the end, they all ended up getting their college degrees and became successful workers in society. In McBride's example, not knowing his mother's heritage until he was a young man made no difference to him because he was able to put it all behind and look beyond it and value his mother and the man he became because of her. "Each individual's identity is made up of a number of elements, and these are clearly not restricted to the particulars set down in official records (Maalouf, 10)." Maalouf is expressing that no one's identity is made up of just one factor. Every identity has different factors and when each is combined together form one person. That is the dilemma

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