Essay about Our Past Is Our Future

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Our Past is our Future

In a world of such diversity and complexity we all grow to differ and express our feelings in different forms. We truly find ourselves in the overwhelming blue marble that we call Earth. Over decades of being told what’s correct and what is incorrect we start to question; when do I make decisions for myself? This led to me to allowing life to move along as I drift alongside the waves of time. I’m not religious because I believe that it promotes discrimination upon our fellow human beings. I’m against any form of discriminative entity or lack of a proper justice system. However, even though I made many decisions for myself, my parents have guided me through many barriers and allowed me to grow. Unlike any other parents I was not forced into religion, clothes, or traditional values. This allowed me to become a rather stronger person. I’m an independent young boy who has deep insight upon the world. I’ll be always ready to venture out into the unknown and come back with perspective. I strongly support the fact that, my parents have heavily influenced who I am and who I’ll become.

First off, I’ll lecture about the ever so changing social standards. As a 14 year old I strongly feel that everyone has the right to express what and how they feel. Yet this is only so limited to literally have a conversation without being frowned upon. For example,” While my son jogs a mile in the cold dark in the garage curls and bench presses expanding biceps, triceps,…

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