Our Participant ' Nick ' Essay

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Our participant “Nick” is a 26-year-old international student currently doing a Master’s degree in Geophysics at Curtin University in Western Australia. He was born in March 1990 in the small town of Ciudad Ojeda located in the western state of Zulia, in Venezuela, South America. Nick was born in what he described as a “somehow typical Venezuelan family”, which consists of his father, mother and older sister, described to be really close, warm and understanding to each other.
Throughout his life Nick has experienced constant relocation both within Venezuela and overseas due to the nature of his father’s job as a petroleum engineer, which started taking him to several places around the world since the age of three, when he moved to the city of Colorado in the United States of America. He recalls his first experiences within a multicultural environment to be really pleasant and significant for his personal development, highlighting how he had to learn a different language from a very young age as he was attending school in North America, where he interacted with the locals and people from his same Hispanic background. Which expanded his perception towards different ways of thinking as well as different cultures. At the age of five Nick and his family moved back to Venezuela due to his father’s work again, where they stayed for about five years, before moving back to Colorado during the time he was coursing the fifth grade of primary school. A cultural contrast became…

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