Essay about Our Friendly Every Day Shopping Center

1161 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 null Page
Our friendly every day shopping center was stripped of their creditability and devastated financially in 2014. Target’s security “system” was hacked and breached into. Even a corporation as huge as Targets couldn’t protect not only their own personal information, but more importantly their customers. All because of one little detail that wasn’t paid more attention to. Zero is the number of customer’s cards that Chip-and-PIN enabled terminals would have been able to stop the hackers from stealing had target put the technology in place prior to the breach (Krebs, 2015). Pretty much Target blew it, even though Target was prepared for such an attack in advance. Six months prior the company had already been implementing and installing a 1.6 million malware detection tool made by the security firm Fire Eye. Fire Eye not only does business with a dynasty like Target, but with customers like the CIA and the Pentagon. Target always has a team of security specialists in Bangalore to monitor its computers around the clock. If Bangalore were to notice anything suspicious, Target’s security operations in Minneapolis (where central headquarters is located) would have been notified (Riley, 2014). But the hackers flew under the radar. How did it happen? On November 30, the hackers placed the cheese out for the mice. They set their traps and had just one thing to do before starting the attack; they had to plan an escape route. As the hackers uploaded exfilaration malware to move the…

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