Essay on Our Family 's Dynamics Changed

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Our family’s dynamics changed overnight after Joe told Peggy that our kids could not longer visit them without supervision. We had known for sometime that our kids’ grandparents were undermining our authority as parents but chose to let it go because we wanted our extended family in our lives. We should have paid closer attention when our thirteen year old twins came home from Grandma and Grandpa’s ignoring their dad and I when we spoke to them. Their negative attitude toward us and disobedience escalated more after each visit.
“Why do I need to clean my room or make my bed?” Levi asked his dad, after he said he would, “Grandma said you never had to when you were growing up.”
After hearing this, Joe called Peggy, “Why are you telling my son these lies? And you don’t even know what I did growing up. You weren’t there.”
“I just don’t want you using Grandparents Day as a punishment if he doesn’t clean his room. He should be able to come visit us independent of what he does at home.”
Peggy interfered with my relationship with Leah as well. I collected designer purses and kept them clean and new by keeping them wrapped in tissue in their dust bags on my purse shelf in the closet. Some styles retained their value so well that when I got tired of one I resold it on Ebay for what I paid for it and bought another one with the money. Leah found interest in the bags also, and started noticing the bags the stars in magazines carried, as well as following Ebay. It was our mom and…

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