Becoming A Fallen Soldier: A Personal Analysis

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The reading titled “introduction’ for me was more than a good reading. I did enjoy to sitting down engage in this reading. Even though it was a good reading it did have it parts that were important to me as a reader but it also had information that was also upsetting to me. As for the reading and how it fits into the course material it goes hand in hand with what we are learning in class. For me it’s one of the most important readings that should be discussed, because what’s more important than then the soldiers that lost their lives in the wars that our country has gone through. Our fallen soldiers deserve to be remembered for losing their lives. The way the reading was started with a poem is what got me interested in the reading. The poem for me was something that was meant to be glorious for the fallen soldier that should be remembered for losing their lives, as it says in the last line of the poem “We were young, they say. We have died. Remember us.” As in most wars soldiers do die …show more content…
In a country such as ours, I can say I’m proud to be an American but the ones who deserve the credit are the ones who fight on the frontlines in war. They deserve to be remembered with a memorial for their duties during war. In my opinion we as a nation owe them much more than that due to the fact they suffered for us to be free as Americans. I know that a memorial can never bring them back and in most cases the soldiers who lost their lives in the wars never even got the chance come home. Honestly there is no other way to bring a back a fallen soldier back but by remembering in them in memorial that’s dedicated to them for losing their life helps their memory live on. A memorial brings them back and lets them live forever in the minds and hearts of the one who remember them for what they did, they are deeply appreciated for their giving their

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