Our Energy Future Essay

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Kyle Smyre
June 6 2011
Period 2
Mr. Watts
Our Energy Future Currently, it's clear that there is an immense problem with the prospect of society's energy needs for the future. Such a large dependency on limited fossil fuels are already dampening the world's economy, and following this path will simply ensure a destitute future. However, changes could be made in today's time to prevent such an event from occurring, but it will require many separate state entities to work together and no longer undermine each other's attempts at reform. Some alternatives to fossil fuels include solar, hydro, and wind power, but replacing the resources would only be a small step to protecting the future. A more necessary change would be the
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Another promising investment would be solar power. Recent advancements in technology have tremendously increased the efficiency of solar arrays, yet there could be even more progress if the state were to invest. These arrays could be used to assist a single house, or could power an entire housing development. Honestly, our Sun sends almost 90 thousand terawatts of free energy every YEAR to Earth, and finding a way to sufficiently capture enough of this energy should be a primary goal of state governments. For instance, the organization "eSolar" set up and funded by Google has a relatively cheap and efficient form of solar power by concentrating solar thermal energy from the Sun to create heat, and eventually, electricity. Proponents of eSolar boast that solar power could become cost-completive with coal within a decade, and is at this point the only truly realistic alternative to fossil fuels at this point in time. However, finding alternatives to fossil fuels won't be the only solution to our energy's future. The electric grid of the United States is one of the largest and most complex machines in the world, but it isn't without faults. It's near forty years old and so prone to blackouts and interruptions that $150 billion is drained from the American economy on a yearly basis. The idea of reconstructing the electrical grid is immense and costly, but the resources and money it would save in the long run makes it

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