The Importance Of Reviewing The Death Penalty

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Our democracy should review health regulations for the death penalty in each state. Our democracy should also go over the rules/law for death penalties, and decide if inhumane treatment should be used for punishment.
Nowadays, death penalty is an unusual and cruel punishment which the state is contemplating on whether or not to impose it as a punishment for crimes (Harrison, Melville 169). By reviewing the death penalty, the state should discuss the danger of the crime that has been committed. Reviewing the case of the criminal can help the public to reduce their psychological health since about 25 innocent people have been put to death. Death punishments have severely affected the minorities, the poor, and the psychological health of the public. About 25 innocent people have been put on the death penalty (Weisbuch 105). If our democracy decides to review the punishment for the death penalty, they should also decide if they should use inhumane ways to kill the criminal. So far, states have decided on using lethal
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States should discuss the common cause for the innocence who has been punished for the death penalty. Common causes of innocence in death penalty would be: false confessions, government misconduct, snitch testimony, and eyewitness error (Glover). By discussing the common causes for death penalties on the innocent, states will most likely have a better understanding on how to rid of the misunderstanding when speaking with the perpetrator. Depending on the crime of the perpetrator, our democracy should consider the strict security institution for the criminal when given a death penalty. An environment with strict security institutions affects the state of mind of the prisoner as they include the thought of execution and can lead to mental and physical illness (Mukherjee

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