Our Craft Provides Us With The Opportunity For Continual Learning And Growth

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Our craft provides us with the opportunity for continual learning and growth. Our students are exceptional and they require a safe, caring and stimulating environment in order to grow and mature. As an educator of nearly 14 years, I have had the opportunity to assist students in meeting their fullest potential by providing a classroom atmosphere that is safe, supports taking chances and invites sharing of ideas. A safe environment allows the student to grow emotionally, physically and academically. My belief is that a teacher should be able to provide such environment. In order to so, a teacher, must: be a guide, be able to create an environment that would allow a student’s natural curiosity to grow and direct that towards learning and must promote respect and love for our craft.

An important goal of mine has always been to help students develop love and respect for themselves and each other and their environment. This occurs through an open sharing of ideas and growth. When everyone’s voice is heard, an environment is created where students feel free to express themselves. But one must find ways to understand our students and better prepare ourselves so as to be able to give them the support they need and help meet their challenges. It’s important for everyone to have the opportunity to study things that are significant, meaningful and relevant. In order for our students to acquire the necessary skills that will empower them in being successful, it’s critical to learn…

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