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25 march 2014

My Personal “Othello” I identified with, Shakespeare’s Othello, a black man from North Africa who has traveled the world, been sold into slavery, escapes slavery and becomes a military commander of the Venetian military a guard to a powerful Italian city-state. His status in Venice is very confounded – he's both an insider and an outsider. On the one hand, he is a Christian and experienced military leader, commanding respect and admiration from the Duke, the Senate, and many Venetian citizens. Being a black Moor and a foreigner in Venice opened Othello to some exposed racism, especially by his wife's father, who believes Desdemona's interracial
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A lot of things that teens my age did, she didn’t do, which limited us to just school activities. By trying to spend time with her and learning her culture and family, I found a special friend and cherish her. At first she let her family members (father) affect our relationship, not knowing he didn’t approve of me. I was a clean cut teen who made good grades, but I was an African-American. As the old stereo types of the 90’s go, African- American youths all sell drugs. I told her, they should learn to be happy for you and to accept who you are. My mother did not have a problem with her. To me it seems that African- Americans accepts other races, quicker than other races accepts African-Americans, especially when it comes to love, dating and intermarriage. Interracial couples are brave enough to face the world and let the society know that nothing can stand between them and their love for each other. The more challenges and trials the interracial couples are undergoing, the stronger their relationship becomes. This only proves that love can indeed conquer all, from the moment it starts and hopefully until eternity. Even though most times it’s a

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Struggle to be together, there are a lot of interracial relationships that have been proven to last decades and more. (David Bowie, Iman). In Othello, this

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