Essay about Othello, By William Shakespeare

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How can humans call evil or anything immoral wrong, when it is a human 's ignorance that creates the evil itself. Othello is about a man in which is said to be evil, but In in truth the man 's evil was created by the ignorance of another. Humans do not always realise what they do and this creates dark feelings, which leads people to go down the wrong path. Destruction and darkness destroy the human race and without will and without the will to forgive destruction is certain. William Shakespeare is the creature of the play Othello ; The the play has a character named Iago, who makes is used to make the reader perceive that all evil is done with reason by using simile and metaphor.This leads the reader The character is seen to become a tender lost soul and leads the reader to the conclusion that all evil in this world has to begin with something and sometimes the victim must be held accountable for circumstances which they have created. it is those seen as the victim who are truly the guilty one. Iago strongly believes in his own independence and he wants nothing more than recognition for all of the work that Iago has done. Due to Othello’s ignorance Iago is passed over without an explanation leaving him with enmity. Iago wants to be important and create his own path, and with that Iago will destroy anything in his path,”O, sir, Content you; I follow him to serve my turn upon him: We cannot all be masters, nor all masters Cannot be truly follow’d. You shall mark many a…

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