Essay Othello, By William Shakespeare

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A Tragedy is a Result of one 's Insecurities A cowardly man will always find spineless reasons behind his actions that may result in a series of disastrous events. In the novel Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago demonstrates the character of an insecure man who encounters insecurities that come in the forms of jealousy, personal/sexuality, and identity. These insecurities have a key role in the development of the play and the creation of Othello’s tragedy. To theorize, Iago is a weak and insecure man that is motivated by his own insecurities and inadequacies. Initially, Iago is insecure about his lost opportunity to become lieutenant and his physical appearance, both in which Cassio has a crucial involvement. These forms of insecurities result into a source of jealousy. In the first place, what got Iago extremely jealous is the fact that Othello promotes Cassio to lieutenant instead of him. Iago expresses his feelings to this event as he communicates with Roderigo, “As masterly as he. Mere prattle without practice / Is all his soldiership. But he, sir, had th ' election” (Act I.i.27-28). This quote shows to prove that Iago thinks he truly deserves the promotion due to all he has done for Othello, he strongly believes that the first-hand fighting skills he has shown frequently at Cyprus and Rhodes makes him well qualified for this position. Iago pictures this all as betrayal and now will use it as motivation to seek for revenge on the moor. The jealousy generated by this…

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