Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare’s play, Othello, reveals how loving someone can cause you to be blinded by love and jealousy. Iago, a cunning villain who takes the advantage of deceiving others against each other, literally spins the tale of Othello’s tragic death by planting one seed of jealousy. An interesting aspect about Iago is his obsession for plants. The seeds Iago sows throughout the story grow into invasive plants that grow wild. The minds of the characters were fertile ground for Iago to plant these trickery seeds and from there he let them control themselves, because it did not take much guidance once a rumor was started to get others upset. We see that without patience and the determination to maintain your garden then outsiders have the ability to determine your future. Iago uses various vegetable metaphors and contexts throughout the play. “Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our / wills are gardeners,” spoken by Iago to Roderigo, reveals how Iago views life and the ambitions an individual has (1.3.362-363). Iago may see everyone as a separate garden and while people are tending to their own garden, someone can distract them and destroy their garden. Iago continues, “either to have it sterile with idleness or / manured with industry, why the power and corrigible / authority of this lies in our wills,” this divulges the strength Iago believes he has over others’ lives through his manipulation (1.3.366-368). There are two choices in life to be idle or to be…

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