Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Have your emotions ever got the best of you? In the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare. Othello emotions are toyed with and control him throughout the play. Othello known as “the moor” is the general of the Venetian Army. He creates a target on his back with he promotes a new soldier and close friend, Michael CAssio to lieutenant, rather than his rightman Iago. Iago is envyness with this, and he plots his revenge on Othello. Iago is able to Manipulate Othello feelings and plant seeds of lies into his head, and other people’s head, leading him to his fall. Othello plays the role of the tragic hero because of the manipulation by Iago. Throughout the play his character changes from being a leader, to jealous, to insecure. Being the reason for his fall. To start of with, in the beginning of the play Othello portrays to be a leader. He is the general of Cyprus and was called by the Duke to go to war with the Turks. Othello just married his love Desdemona who is the Senator 's daughter. SInce being a leader, Othello needs someone to help him along the way, hence promoting Cassio. At this very part is where all madness begins. Since Iago doesn’t have the same power as Othello, revenge is where it all starts to get that power. ( act.1.scene.3 line 221-223) “The turks with a most mighty preparation makes for cyprus, Othello the fortitude of the place is best known to you” The Duke states in the play how they need Othello to go fight the war for them, and they know he will…

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