Essay about Othello, By William Shakespeare

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During the sixteenth century, Shakespeare Wrote the play Othello, a love story that ended in tragedy and death because of the lies that the character Iago told. During that time period, it was customary for women to be housewives and were essentially at the bottom of the hierarchy since it was a male dominated society. The female’s roles played in these scenes were fundamentally just possessions who belonged to their husbands but yet they still loved their husbands unconditionally. One important role was the character of Desdemona, who plays a twenty-year old female who got married to Othello. Desdemona is one of the central characters in this play and many situations portray her as a strong female character; showing herself as being independent by standing up to the men, obedient to her husband Othello and as well as loyal throughout the whole play.
The first evidence given to the readers that Desdemona is a strong female character is at the beginning when she elopes with Othello, the Moor behind her father’s back. When the news gets out that she has married a black man who is not only an outsider but is also several years older than her, Desdemona’s father Brabantio is furious. Her father was mad that she betrayed him and instead of marrying a rich Venetian white fellow she went against tradition and disobeyed. This causes him to go confront Othello for essentially stealing his daughter but at last Desdemona comes in and stands up to her father, 'But here 's my…

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