Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

1904 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
How far would you go to get what you want? Othello, by William Shakespeare is connected with one of, if not the most notorious villain in all of Shakespeare’s plays. Iago stops at nothing to complete his voracious desire to attain revenge. He takes advantage of innocent people by smiling in their face, yet stabbing them in the back with his scheming manuevers. In his own words Iago states, “I am not what I am”, which demonstrates self-acknowledgment of his masquerade (Bevington, 2014, 1.1.67). Iago is an abusive, sexist, and racist rogue full of jealousy and rage. His demented tendencies generated by jealously relentlessly pursue vengeance against anyone he feels may have done him wrong. Iago’s delusional conceptions of reality combined with his envious disposition spawn pure narcissistic evil with a purpose to divide and conquer through the domination and control of others (Iyasere, 2009). The reasoning behind such treachery may never be understood, because of Iago’s ability to hide behind a face. Iago represents the most evil villain as shown by his deception and master manipulation of the other characters, his narcissistic mentality of claiming to be the victim, and the depth his maliciously brilliant mind demonstrated throughout his plan of destruction.
Iago manipulates the characters throughout Othello by misleading using various deceptive maneuvers, which sparks the title master manipulator to be added to his list of horrendous traits. Iago is fully aware…

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