Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay example

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We hear stories about crimes and murders all the time, and instantly visualize the criminal as evil. While in most cases, the criminal truly is an evil person, this does not hold to be true in all circumstances. Once one delves past the action, they may discover that there are many more factors that contributed to the action. Throughout Shakespeare’s play, Othello, the protagonist, Othello, atrociously murder’s his wife. When simply observing actions alone, Othello would certainly be considered evil; however, William Shakespeare implements various literary devices to create Othello so that he evokes sympathy, instead of rage, from the audience. Primarily, Shakespeare utilizes linguistic changes by Othello to evoke sympathy for Othello from the audience. When Othello is first presented to the reader, he is seen as an honorable warrior, highly regarded for his skill. This powerful visual presentation translates over to the way Othello speaks. From the moment Othello first speaks, claiming that he “have ta 'en away his old man’s daughter…The very head and front of my offending Hath this extent, no more” the reader instantly notices the eloquence and flow of his linguistics (1.3.81). As seen through Othello’s language, one can recognize Othello’s noble and passionate character. While Othello’s speech is articulate and composed right now, it changes after Iago plagues his mind with malicious thoughts. Even though Othello brutally murders his wife, the audience is still able to…

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