Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The play “Othello” is a revenge tragedy riddled with plots within another plot. “Othello” is a great example of a revenge tragedy because no one knows that they are victims, and no one suspected Iago to be behind the whole thing. Nobody expected or knew besides Roderigo that Iago wanted Cassio’s job and Othello punished for sleeping with his wife. There are many more victims in the play then there are heroes or villains. The definition of a victim is a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance by the dishonesty of others. Both Roderigo and Cassio fit the description of a victim perfectly; they were both deceived by their emotions, trust. The only person who is not a victim is Iago; he is the last person anyone would expect to be a villain in the play “Othello’. Every time something went wrong Iago was behind it. Iago created a domino effect because when he hurt one person it affected everybody else involved. Every time Roderigo was involved Cassio got hurt, but Roderigo is a victim, just as much as Cassio. The characters of “Othello” all had one common enemy, but they didn’t know it. The trust they put in Iago was there downfall, because he tormented so many people because of his malicious lies.
There are many victims in the play “Othello”, but Cassio and Roderigo were the “foil” of this play. Each of their personality’s contrast with one another, but in the end they both become victims of the same man. Roderigo was a villain in the…

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