Othello By William Shakespeare 's Othello Essays

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1. Cite one episode of racism in the play. Explain how Shakespeare may use the episode to portray a character negatively.
There are several instances where the character, Othello, is referred to derogatorily. One does not have to look very far into the play to find such demeaning words. In act one scene one of the play there are several attempts to downplay Othello’s looks and origin. In line sixty-three, Shakespeare claims that Othello has thick lips. Lines eighty-five and one hundred and eight suggest that he is low and unworthy, as they refer to him as being an animal. This reference to Othello is demeaning because animals are thought to be stupid and during that time were not thought of as deserving respect. When Othello is referred to as the lascivious Moor, it implies that Othello cannot control his sexual desires because of his country or race of origin. And a little further into the play in act one scene two, Othello’s character is put down. Brabantio talks about him being a foul thief in lines sixty-two through sixty-four. Brabantio’s rant about how Othello used dark magic on his daughter is very derogatory because he says “you must have used black magic on my daughter because how could anyone love someone like you?” He thought he was worthy to be a commanding officer, yet he could not win the love of his daughter without it being a form of sorcery. Apparently, he was not worthy enough to marry Brabantio’s daughter.
2. Cite one episode from the play that…

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