Othello As A Woman With Longing For Adventure Essay

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“She lov 'd me for the dangers I had pass 'd, And I lov 'd her that she did pity them”- William Shakespeare, Othello. Shakespeare chose to portray Desdemona as a woman with longing for adventure. He also wrote her with great loyalty and affection for those she loved. In the film, Othello, Oliver Parker takes William Shakespeare’s interruption and uses it to create the role of Desdemona. Desdemona was depicted in many important scenes in including the on in which she openly defies her father and is killed by Othello. Both scenes display Desdemona character in many ways. The first scene in which she is called forth to confirm Othello’s claim of marriage she looks natural beautiful. She is dressed in a respectful green dress that also goes very well with her complexion. It is important to the director to have her displayed in such a color to optimize Desdemona’s famed beauty. She is also put in a garment that cannot be confused with sultry or revealing because that is not what Desdemona portrayed in the play or movie. She even further demands to be respected when she very maturely tells her father of her loyalty to Othello yet still manages to give Brabantio the respect he demands. She further shows her posh edict by always bowing to the Senator in charge. In accordance to this early scene Desdemona was justly represented in her death scene. We see Desdemona further he picture of innocence in a white nightgown. The reason the Director chose the color to be starch white,…

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