Essay about Othello As A Tragic Hero

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Othello, as a tragic Hero
Aristotle was a Greek philosopher. He was born in the city of Macedonia in the land of Stagira, Chalkidice. It is known that he was a prolific writer and extremely good in polymath. Aristotle is believed to have touched and improved upon all the subjects that he could lay his hands on. According to his definition of tragedy and that of a Tragic Hero, the four characteristics of such a hero are:
• Error of Judgement (hamartia).
• The reversal of fortune (peripeteia)
• Excessive Pride (Hubris)
• Recognizing that reversal can be brought by hero’s own actions (anagnorisis)
Othello fits almost all the characteristics and traits that were defined by Aristotle’s Tragic Hero. As the tragic hero must have a noble stature and hold a high position in his culture, Othello is a general and the commander of the forces of Venice. While the tragic hero is deemed great but not as much as perfect. As Aristotle mentioned that the downfall of a hero is due to a fatal flaw in his character, Othello’s flaw allows him to be manipulated by the evil Lago and make him believe that his wife was having an affair. The final similarity is that the punishment exceeds the crime for a hero. Othello is consumed in guilt from killing his wife that he ultimately kills himself.

Research: Othello an Aristotelian tragedy
The essay investigates the tragedy of Othello by Shakespeare. According to the definition and characteristics of a hero, it is important to affirm that all information…

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