Othello As A Microcosm For The Human Struggle Essay

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Othello as a Microcosm for the Human Struggle in Finding Justice
Why is it that Shakespeare’s Othello is read by high school and college English classes across the nation and John Marston’s Antonio’s Revenge is not? The answer is simply that Othello speaks to a greater human struggle that stretches across centuries and contains ideas more powerful than the literal words on the page. While reading Othello, it can be stated that the elements of the story are not innately unbelievable, suggesting that although this story likely never occurred, it plays on our understandings of our own human nature well enough to be authentic. We buy into the notion that a person could be tricked in such a way not only because we can comprehend the idea of a person being a complex devil, but also we can appreciate the concept that another person would be simple enough to fall for the devil’s deceits. The gap between the two—a person being characteristically dishonest and another person or people attempting to make sense of their situation in a manner too subjective, is not only the problem of Othello, but also the main problem of the American judicial system. There are clear and inherent failings in the American legal system and those same flaws exist in Shakespeare’s Othello, making the play quite emblematic of the common human fallacies in decision making that still exist over four-hundred years later.
Subjectivity over objectivity, failure to give all possible explanations a chance, these are…

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