Osteoporosis Case Study Essay

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personal experience. According to my family relative who suffers from CD, he said that he would tend to avoid eating the food that he likes because it usually causes him to go through bowel disturbances and moderate pain, thus I agree with his decision as it is considered observable evidence. Therefore, it has been recommended that CD patients should avoid eating the type of food that irritates the bowels in order to prevent abdominal pain and deterioration of the condition of CD.
Another symptom (which has two types) of CD that is linked to low calcium in-take, which is known as osteoporosis (a severe condition of calcium deficiency and low level vitamin D) and osteopaenia (thin bone density). Compston, J. E., et al. (1987) said that osteoporosis is developed when low-level calcium is traced in the body which, as a result, causes the patient to develop thin bones (low density bones). Although, osteoporosis has been recognized to usually affect CD patients who have had resection (partial surgical extraction of intestines due to blockage) and who smoke regularly. Evidence collected
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Hunter (2010) mentioned that the connection between depression and CD is constant and ongoing, although its severity may vary depending upon the activeness of the condition and how well it’s being managed. Numerous patients in a US medical clinic have been diagnosed with CD in the early stages of the illness however didn’t report to have been experiencing emotional or psychological symptoms prior to the diagnosis. Soon after their diagnosis, they started to be familiar with the symptoms associated with their medical condition, and depression was one of them. Several years after their diagnosis, a number of them have started showing signs of mood swings, fatigue which mirrored that depression is settling in. Their doctor, who directly oversees their

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