Oskar Schindler 's The Holocaust Essay

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The Jewish Holocaust was not only a horrific event, it was one that will always be remembered. One brave man, Oskar Schindler, did as much as he could to save the Jewish people of Krakow from the misery of the Nazis. Oskar Schindler not only saved Jewish people from concentration camps and ghettos, but he also helped to nourish them and fought to keep them alive in his factory. Throughout the war, Oskar Schindler brought in many Jewish people to work for him. These people came to his factory knowing that they were in the hands of a nice man who was going to save them. At first, Schindler’s goal was to hire these workers to help the factory become more successful, but soon later his thought changed. Gradually, the egoistic goal of lining his pockets with money took second place to the all-consuming desire of rescuing as many of his Jews as he could from the clutches of the Nazi executioners (Yad Vashem 1). His goal started to change once he realized he enjoyed saving all these Jewish people from the Nazis. He continued to save these people as he traveled around Krakow looking for people that were coming from the ghettos. Once the Jewish workers were brought to Schindler’s factory, he helped to feed them and use his own money to save the lives of these innocent people. There he was better able to keep the Jews under relatively tolerable conditions, augmenting their below-subsistence diet with food bought on the black market with his own money (Yad Vashem 1). Oskar Schindler…

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