Oskar Schindler 's List Of The Holocaust Essay

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During World War Two there were many evils that lurked about, that people to this day, still deny happened. The Holocaust, for example, took place when Hitler took over Germany and mass collected, removed, and exterminated Jewish men, women, and children. Over 6 million Jewish people died during the course of World War Two, people that will never be forgotten. There are many movies that try to depict what exactly happened to the Jewish people during this time, but there is no film more impactive than Schindler’s List. In this film, Liam Neeson plays as Oskar Schindler during World War Two. Oskar was the man who erased Jewish people’s names off the concentration camp lists and brought them to work for him in a safe environment. He worked closely with the Nazi’s and maintained a good cover because they never found out what he did until after the war. Oskar saved nearly 1,200 Jewish people’s lives and fought hard to bring them all to his enamelware and ammunitions factory. Without Oskar, those thousand Jewish men, women, and children would have possibly been killed along with the other 6 million Jewish people that were murdered during that time. At the beginning of the film, Oskar Schindler was purely in Krakow to make himself wealthy off of World War Two. There was a need for factories creating weapons, ammunition, and food for the German soldiers and civilians. Oskar joined the Nazi party to gain political respect and get close to his investors. This worked for him because…

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