Osha Standards Essay

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1. Who is responsible for establishing OSHA standards?
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets health and safety standards and insures these standards are implemented by employers through plant and office inspections. The addition or deletion of occupational health and safety standards is declared by the Secretary of Labor. Interested parties may submit written comments regarding a proposal. In establishing standards, the Secretary of Labor must set forth standards to prevent employees from suffering substantial harm to their health even if the employee worked at this job for most of his or her adult life.
2. If an employer is unable to comply with an OSHA standard, what alternative is available to the employer?
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Human Resource Dilemma, Ch 20, #1, 470 (Paradise School).
At Paradise Elementary School, the cleaning staff uses a strong chemical containing bleach to clean the restrooms. Breathing masks are provided, but the workers refuse to wear them because the children laugh. The principal is concerned that this may constitute an OSHA violation. How would you advise her?
Not wearing PPE is unacceptable behavior regardless of the reason. Personal protective equipment is important because it protects employees from possible injury. I would advise the principal to allow no exceptions to the safety policy and procedures. I would advise her to conduct monthly safety training sessions explaining their contributions to the school and hard work is valued and remaining injury free important to the school’s goals. I would remind her to enforce the written rules and procedures because it is her job to keep her employees safe. I would also have her inform employees that effective Jan. 12, 2009 OSHA can issue per-employee citations. This would be bad for not just the employee but also the school on a whole. Regardless of children laughing at them, employees have to make good choices for their own safety and if they refuse or neglect to be in compliance they can be terminated.


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