Oscar Wilde 's The Eyes Of Anyone Who Has Read History Is Man 's Original Virtue

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According to the writer Oscar Wilde “disobedience in the eyes of anyone who has read history is man 's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress had been made. Though disobedience and through rebellion.” Many in an effort to become independent will rebel or disobey authorities or even parents. This rebellion often begins when we are teenagers and have the mentality that we can do anything we want. That was the case for Lola as well as myself, who as teenagers rebelled and ran away from our mothers. Although Lola loved her mother, their relationship was far from perfect. In this book she mentions how her mother never said anything positive about her, but she also went even further by putting her down. When she began writing to a pen pal and stopped receiving a response, her mother actually told her that no one would waste their time talking to her. When she was 8, she was then raped by a neighbor and instead of comforting her like a loving parent would, her mother Beli told her to “shut her mouth and stop crying.” (Pg 56,57) All throughout her life, Lola was also constantly insulted by her mother. She would say that she was an idiot and that she was worthless. This unfortunately can really take its toll on a young child because they might actually believe you. Then when Lola got older and started rebelling, her mother pushed back by trying to get her fired, changing the locks, and tearing up her clothes and posters. At times when her mother became really…

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