Orwell 's Social Norms Of Today 's Society Essay

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“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself,” (Albert Camus). As this quote clearly says, authors not only use their books as a way to entertain the reader but also as a way to prevent society from destroying itself. A way authors do this is by critiquing norms of society. For example, George Orwell uses his book 1984 to critique the normalities found in society. To be specific, Orwell uses the novel 1984 to critique the social, political, intellectual norms of today’s society which can be seen extensively throughout the book.
To start, George Orwell uses 1984 to critique to social norms of today’s society. One way he does this is through the use of telescreens. Telescreens are a propaganda tool used by the Big Brother to get into people 's heads and control them. They also monitor everyone 's actions and speech, completely controlling every aspect of human existence. These telescreens are everywhere so there is absolutely no way of escaping them. Orwell may have used the telescreens as a way to critique the social norms in today’s society. This is so because in today’s world, the amount of privacy an individual has has been severely decreased due to technology such as surveillance cameras. Although the telescreens may be an extreme exaggeration of the current surveillance technology today, they still serve as a way for Orwell to critique the lack of privacy the world has. Additionally, Orwell may have over exaggerated the lack of privacy…

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