Orthodoxy And Catholicism : The Catholic Church And A Service At St.

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Orthodoxy and Catholicism have a place in amongst over 35,000 Christian organizations (Jacobsen 7). I attended a mass at St. John 's Catholic Church and a service at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, and the similarities and differences that I observed were extremely intriguing. Both services recite similar prayers, like the Nicene Creed and Our Father, and they celebrate the Eucharist during mass. While the Orthodox Church is demographically Greek, the Catholic Church represents a large white population, and they both show incredible hospitality toward newcomers. The Orthodox Church is dome-shaped and houses many paintings, but the Catholic Church is a cathedral design with statues of saints scattered about. The content of both Orthodoxy and Catholicism present close fundamental ties between the two churches, but the people represent different demographics and this is reflected in the style and design of the churches.
St. John 's Catholic Church service consisted two readings along with the Gospel story. The Gospel of Luke was the story of the Pharisee and Tax collector who prayed in the Temple together. The Pharisee told God of the great things that he did to show is faith, while the tax collector asked for forgiveness for his sins. The priest 's sermon was based on the Gospel, calling us to be vulnerable in the presence of God and search for forgiveness instead of gloating about our accomplishments.
Likewise, at St. John the Baptist, there was one reading in…

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