Orthodontist Narrative

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g, I slam down the gas pedal, speeding down the road towards town.
When we drove past the plaza with the orthodontist’s office, it was surrounded by zombies. Swearing loudly, I know I can’t get in there. I call my dad to make sure he’s alright, when he finally answers his phone, he had already been to the shed and grabbed a shotgun and was grabbing the spare gas containers and is going to fill them and grab more non perishable food for our emergency room. We had it for things like hurricanes or tornados, but I mean it would work against zombies as well. I get instructions from my dad on how to get to the orthodontist in Russellville which is an hour away. My dad, being the man he is, is making me drive an hour for insurance reasons. In the
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All I am going to say is priorities, but yes I will help you, come on.” He brushes past me into the eggshell colored hallways. We follow him down multiple hallways until we came to a normal looking dentist's room. He instructed me to lay on the chair and to have Eli guarding the door. Once in our places the doctor gathered the supplies he needed, but the small sound of him muttering shit under his breath concerns me more than anything. The room he chose has none of the solution to get the glue off. With the orders to stay in this room, we wait. After about five minutes we hear a faint crash and we both spring into action. When we finally find the doctor, he was facing tides of zombies. Me and Eli begin to pick the zombies off as quickly as we can. When we finally get a true sight of the doctor, I yell for him to watch behind him. But my exclamation was too slow and I saw the pink and green of another person’s braces bury into the doctor’s calf and I knew it was all over. As soon as he hits the ground what's left of the masses dives for his corpse giving us a chance to run. Once we make it back into the car and onto the highway, I punch the dashboard in frustration, with fuck this man running through my

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