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Running Head: The Life you always wanted

A 4-MAT Review:
The Life You’ve Always Wanted: spiritual disciplines for ordinary people
Rashod C. Wells
Liberty University

Abstract John Ortberg’s manuscript, The Life You’ve Always Wanted: a spiritual disciples for ordinary people, published in 2002 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ortberg tells us the pathway in rejoining our connection to God, which allows us to have what our heart’s desire, the life we have always wanted. He describes it through spiritually disciplined. Ortberg (2002) defines spiritual discipline as “Any activity that can help me gain power to live life as Jesus taught and modeled it” (Ortberg, p. 48). Spiritual disciplines are simple; they help me live in the fruit
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Concrete Response Consistently throughout this book, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Ortberg (2002) speaks about the “core change,” transformation from just living to having a substantial life with God. I recall a popular television series that still airs in its ever-changing modified form, the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. He ends the final discipline with “It’s morphing time” (Ortberg, p. 222). The existence of a physical change miraculously happens within. The Power Rangers were approximately five teenagers that have been chosen by a wizard or God like character named “Zordon”, his right-hand man “Alpha 5”, and nemesis “Rita,” The Earth was in a foul condition threatened by its nemesis and her laborers. With the discovery of five “power” coins, fruits of the spirit. Alpha 5 searches for "five overbearing and emotional humans" five teenagers with attitude. He recruited Jason Lee Scott (red ranger), Zack Taylor (black ranger), Kimberly Hart (pink ranger), Trini Kwan (yellow ranger), and Billy Cranston (blue ranger) morphing into the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers holding a power unthinkable and known to be as unbeatable with the trials of conspiring. Zordon acted as a mentor and advisor for the team, revealing Zords, equipment and useful information whenever the time was right. The "Green with Evil" fifth-partner demonstrates just how important Zordon was to the team. Rita used her Power Coin and brainwashed

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