Citizen Kane Meaning

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Citizen Kane is a drama film about a reporter’s venture into finding out the meaning behind the word “rosebud” which is the last word of Charles Foster Kane before he died. This film is considered as one of the greatest films ever. This masterpiece was created with $839,727 as its estimated budget. Citizen Kane was directed by Orson Welles and was released in 1941. Welles also produced and wrote the screenplay of this film. He also starred as the main character in Citizen Kane.
The film starts with an old and dying Charles Foster Kane. While holding a snow globe, he says the word “rosebud” then dies. His death is all over the news. The producer is not satisfied with the contents of the news feature so he told Jerry Thompson, who is a reporter, to find out the meaning of “rosebud.” Thompson interviews the friends and colleagues of Kane but none of them knows the meaning of “rosebud.” He also talks with Susan Alexander Kane who is Kane’s second wife but she refuses to say anything to him. After
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When someone asked Thompson if he founded out the meaning of “rosebud”, he told them that he was unable to find it and that it will remain a mystery forever. A sled was shown that has a word “rosebud” on it. The sled is from Kane’s childhood and it serves as a memory from the time when he was happy.
Citizen Kane’s storyline is awesome. It is perfectly balanced and it doesn’t have any plot holes. As for the storytelling, I really like it because they told his story in flashbacks using different perspectives. I also like the montage in this film especially the one at the beginning. It was really dramatic together with the strong music. On the cinematography, everything is on point, from the lightings to the angles. I like the panning of the camera in this film because it was really smooth. The musical score in this film was good and it has a nice blend in every scenes. I also like the symbolisms in this

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