Orphan Trains And The Children Essay

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Orphan Trains Orphan trains is a documentary about children in New York, being sent on trains to other parts of the country, in order to find families and be taken care of. There are stories from, adults that actually rode on these trains when they were children. The Orphan Trains was started by a man named Charles Loring Brace in 1854. Brace, had traveled to New York in the early 1850’s, and was horrified at the conditions of all the children he saw on the street. Brace felt that it was a duty to help these children out, and decided that the only way to help these children was to get them away from their surroundings, and send them away to be raised in nice, Christian homes around the country. So, in 1853, Brace founded the Children’s Aid Society. Children would be put on the train, and sent away to find homes elsewhere, getting the name Orphan Trains. The main point of view was that the Orphan Trains and the Children Aid Society was an effort to help poor and homeless children to have a better life. The assumption, was that by taking the homeless and poor children and sending them away to Christian families in other parts of the country, farmers and others would take the children in and treat them as their own and the problem would be solved. The truth was that some of the children did go to good homes, but there were others that ended up getting abused, or running away and also that many of the children were traumatized by being taken and sent far away, with no way to…

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