Orozco Case Study

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On the night of 21 September 2016, in the state of New Mexico, Rafael Orozco and his wife, Iesha Hartt, welcomed a baby girl into the world. However, no one expected what was going to happen only hours after the birth. Orozco become angry at his wife as she breastfed her new born baby, while in the presence of a male doctor, who was there to simply check up on her and the baby. This clearly angered Orozco as he punched his wife in the mouth and grabbed her throat while calling her names. Hartt claimed that this behaviour is not new and that her husband is a very jealous man. Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of domestic violence being reported every day, but what makes this case distinctive is that the husband, as well as hurting the mother of his child, slapped the infant on the head before running away. This begs the question; what can explain the behaviour of Rafael Orozco and abusers like him? …show more content…
They suggested that aggression in men has an adaptive value. Men are particularly threatened by potential mate poachers who have superior job prospects, financial resources and physical strength (Buss et al, 2000). This could explain why Orozco was abusive in front of the male doctor. He felt inferior in the presence of the male doctor, who obviously had a higher social status and more financial resources when compared to Orozco. However, research has found that when violence is used in this type of situation it is often directed to the male poacher rather than the mate (Wilson et al, 1998). Nonetheless, men do take their anger out on their intimate partners as well as the male poacher, as seen in this

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