Essay Orissa Has A Crush On My Brother

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"I can 't wait for school to end," Orissa told me.

"I know I can 't wait either," I agreed. "Maybe when school ends you can spend time over here for you know who." Orissa has a crush on my brother Hayden. He and I are twins. We 're 18 going on 19 in and Orissa is a couple months younger than us. He likes her too, but they both are to scared to ask each other out. "So, you working up the guts to ask Hayden out?"

Orissa starts to blush."Raeya," she yelled playfully, "he 's going to hear you." We 're at my house, and Hayden 's room is right by mine, on the other side of the wall.

"I know that 's kind of the point. I still don 't see why you don 't ask him out. You said it yourself you think that he might like you."

"And may I say what I always say might like." She stressed out that last two words so I would know what she means.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in," I told whoever was at the door. Hayden opened up the door. He was wearing baggy basketball shorts and no shirt. I quickly glanced at Orissa. She 's seen my brother without a shirt on a couple of times, but that was mostly in the pool or just him walking by. She was already looking at him. She looked at me and saw my smile that I was hiding and narrowed her eyes.

"Hey," Hayden said.

I chuckled. "What do you want," I asked him?

"Orissa 's mom said that she has been trying to call her but she didn 't pick up. So, she called the house. She wants her to go home," he told me but was looking at Orissa.…

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