Origins Of The Crusading Ideal Essay

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Research Paper – Topic 2: Origins of the Crusading Ideal + Crusades

If one were to try and pinpoint a single event or date to mark the origins of the Crusades and the Crusading ideal, the most obvious solution would be to make it November 27, 1095, when Pope Urban II uttered the famous phrase “Deus Vult!” and preached the First Crusade. However, when more closely analyzed, it becomes evident that the origins of this great movement that led thousands of Christians to travel to the Holy Land to wage war cannot be singled down to any one person, event, or idea. There were many religious, theological, political, economic, and social influences that lead to the Crusades, and these influences changed over time, so that the crusading ideals of the 1st Crusade may not have been like the ones of the 4th. Though the Crusades were always waged as religious wars in the name of Christianity, the crusading ideal of the 4th Crusade was already much more corrupted than that of the 1st. The religious motivations started to take a back seat in favor of personal gain and politics. Though the pretext for these crusades remained mostly the same, the ideals did not.
Religion was the most important instigating factor and driving force that the Crusades and the crusading ideal originated from. The Crusades were first and foremost religious wars whose main purpose at first was to reclaim the Holy Land, modern day Palestine and the Levant, for Christianity. The 1st Crusade probably upheld this…

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