Origins of bipedalism Essay

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There has been much debate concerning the origins of bipedalism. Bipedalism, or the ability to move on two legs (eLucy, 2007) was said to have emerged due to climate change in East Africa, for sexual display purpose, to reduce exposure to sunlight, the need to use weapons and tools and many more (NOVA, 2013). There are numerous arguments associated with bipedalism as no one can be entirely sure as to what constituted to the emergence of this trait, which was first present in hominins Australopithecus Afarensis. Anthropologists claim that there is a missing link in the evolutionary lineage that makes it hard to confirm the real cause of bipedalism emergence. However, there are some models which are widely accepted by scientific world, such …show more content…
The rugged landscape emerged between six and two million years ago, where much tectonic activity happened. The team pointed out that the hominins would have been attracted to difficult terrain of rocky outcrops because it offered shelter and opportunities to trap prey, which is essential in survival of the species (, 2013). Not only that, Winder argues that the broke, disrupted terrain proved a motivation to improve their locomotor skills by climbing, balancing, scrambling and moving swiftly over broken ground – types of movement encouraging a more upright gait, which over time lead to bipedalism (2013).
Even though there are different theories concerning the emergence of bipedalism, both models stress out that this trait is really important as a means of survival for the hominins. With the reduction in the width of the forest, they had no choices other than to come down to the savannah landmass to look for food. This trait enables them to move efficiently from one food source to others, which is important for equitable allocation of scarce food resources. Besides, they are able to detect enemies earlier as they can see over the tall savannah grass. Having the same purpose, bipedalism which was claimed arose from rugged terrain model affords access to terrestrial food resources and protection from predators that cannot

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