Essay on Original Writing : The Farnsworth House

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For my collections project, I made my choices based off of my appreciation for the aesthetic values of the pieces. For either their minimalism or their maximalism, something about the works appeals to my sensibilities. However, of all my selections, the Farnsworth House may be my most inspiring.

The Farnsworth was the first piece I wrote about extensively. After visiting the historic property several years ago, I have been captivated by its remarkable simplicity. The serenity of its setting in tandem with the exquisite design have kept my mind dwelling on Dr. Farnsworth’s countryside dwelling. Everything in the house is reduced to its simplest form. No line exists without purpose. No line is over exaggerated. No single element is inherently noteworthy; however, like a symphony, when all the components come together, they create something beautiful.

In researching each work, I gained a much better insight into the world the works were inspired by and created into. A clear understanding of the work makes the enjoyment of them all the better. In going the extra mile, I learned to respect them even more and hold up the genius minds of their creators.

Formal Analysis:
Deceivingly simple, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s residential magnum opus Farnsworth House is nothing short of a stroke of architectural genius and quite possibly the greatest work of his illustrious career. Designed and constructed between 1945 and 1951, the house was intended to be a weekend…

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