Original Writing Of Salt Sugar Fat Essay

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As a kid growing up in the seventies I was raised on part home cooked meals and part packaged processed meals. One of my favorite breakfast items was Lucky Charms. My brothers liked Boo Berry. Both of these cereals were very high in sugar, no doubt at the optimal bliss point just for our young tastebuds. Now there was also oatmeal and cream of wheat in the cupboard to make but we only ate that when our favorite cereal was gone. And when we did finally eat the healthier items we added sugar as that is what our taste buds were accustomed to. To quote the book Salt Sugar Fat “In other words, the sweeter the industry made its food, the sweeter kids liked their food to be.” (pg 8) Another favorite of mine growing up was Dr. Pepper. I could never quite put my finger on the exact taste but something about it felt and tasted so good. Now I knew that many of my friends were die hard Coke fans and that I was in the minority with my love for Dr. Pepper but it was not until after reading Sugar Salt Fat by Michael Moss that I realized how much went into the success of the line. In 2004 the company that produced Dr. Pepper hired Howard Moskowitz, a food industry legend and mathematical wizard to help them solidify their niche in the market by developing a new flavor. I was never a fan of the new flavor so I stuck with Dr. Pepper until I gave up sugar 6 years ago. It was the unique flavor and the fizz that kept me coming back to Dr. Pepper. To this day if I sit and think…

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