Essay on Original Writing Of New Dawn Baptist Church

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New Dawn Baptist Church is a daughter church of New Estate Baptist Church, Surulere, Lagos. In 1983, New Estate Baptist Church implemented a cell church system under the leadership of the then pastor, Dr. Sola Aworinde. Several cells were created in different parts of the city of Lagos. Each of them became fellowship centers meeting primarily on Sunday evenings. They were called Home Fellowships. In due time, the Church decided on a policy of planting new churches using the Home Cells as the core group for each new plant. Following this, they planted four Churches in 2001. None, however, was in Victoria Island.
In 2002, Rev. Amos Achi Kunat, became the pastor of New Estate Baptist Church. Later in 2004, he made a presentation to the Church on the need to establish a Baptist Church on Victoria Island, Lagos. The Church received this presentation well especially since it found concurrence with other submissions that had been made for the same purpose by others including Dr. S. Ademola Ishola, the then General Secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Dr. S. O. Oke, the then Conference Secretary of the Lagos State Baptist Conference, as well as Dns. H. I. Imoni (now Pastor) who had responsibility for missions in the diaconate of New Estate Baptist Church. As a result, the request was considered and acceded to by the Church.
Subsequently, the Church leadership decided to use the already adopted method of using a Home Fellowship to initiate a new Church plant. For this new…

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