Original Writing Of Dr. K. M. S. Movie Essay

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The entire crew had returned from there R&R some better off than others. They were introduced to their new crew member and they were all told his story. Most, if not all, were skeptical, but they would wait and see what happens. Gupta was assigned to Dr. Bill DaFrank and Dr. Harry Bonsary, this was by and large the most important mission up to date. This would determine if they moved on with the rest of the missions. Although Dr. Bonsary was in charge of Engineering, Dr. DaFrank was the most knowledgeable when it came to the FTL Warp drives, he was the one that suggested to Dr. Bonsary to check the White Couplings. Bill and Gupta became fast friends, it was apparent to Bill that Gupta knew far more about the drives then he did, Harry concurred and that information was relayed back to Lt. Colonel House and Director Healy, both thought, ‘so far, so good.’ Gupta also worked with Harry to ensure Elle was in good order. They worked together to ensure the all of the software the Gupta uploaded onto Elle was safely removed, there wasn’t much to do as the tech’s had found most of them, what remained according to Gupta were harmless, which was confirmed by the techs. NASA finally felt comfortable enough to give the thumbs up for the mission, it was a go and the twenty-four hour clock started ticking down. There would be worldwide coverage for this, just like that last one, this was different though. This would be the first time that humans traveled at the speed-of-light…

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