Essay on Original Writing : New York

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Have you ever been to New York? Let me tell you, I never planned on going. The thought had never even crossed my mind. I’m a small town Iowa girl, what would I need to go to New York for? Have you ever seen those television shows where people find out that they have a “long lost family member”? Watching those shows I had always thought about just how fake that was. Coming from a family who is very close this is not something I ever would have to be caught up with, or so I thought.

It began as a normal day, well as normal as anyone could have in my house. I remember hearing the words; New York, Sheri, and sister come out of my mom’s mouth as her and my grandma were talking in the kitchen. Of course I was eavesdropping, like always, but at that moment all I was doing was trying to put in place the missing puzzle pieces. In my head it didn’t fit together. So I asked, and had a bit of a hard time understanding it all. I understood the simple pieces. Pieces like, I had an aunt named Sheri who lived in New York. I had four cousins and that she was, finally, coming in contact with us. The word finally stood out like a sore thumb. Finally? How long have they been waiting on “finally”? I wasn’t sure how I should react. How was this going to affect my life? It took a day or two of letting the information soak in and I overflowed with questions. Overall I was excited, and ready to meet these people who were my family.

As the days went by visiting had made it’s way, periodically,…

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